Best Plant for Your Zodiac

Aries- Zebra Plant

Aries are famous for their wild and independent nature, so it needs an adventurous and persistent plant in life. A plant that would best suit that description would be a zebra plant, and these plants have a bold succulent with white stripes on their dark green leaves. Having this plant means that you will not need to worry about watering them as they are tough as nails.

Taurus- Heart Leaf Philodendron

The plant that fits a Taurus personality best would be the Heart Leaf Philodendron. This is because Venus symbolizes love and represents beauty, so a houseplant with heart-shaped leaves would be the perfect fit for a Taurus as they both represent love and kindness. Not only is it super easy to grow, but with tons of love, it can also grow up to 8 feet tall.

Gemini- English Ivy

We have all either seen or heard about the English Ivy as they are a very popular houseplant. They are like Gemini in a sense, as they are both trendy and well-respected by the community. An English Ivy would also require very minimal sunlight, and their vines can also grow up to 6 feet or more.

Cancer- Lucky Bamboo

Cancer is an excellent match with bamboo because Cancer belongs to a water sign while bamboo grows in standing water. Not only does it give good luck, but it also provides peace and supply good energy into your home. This plant is easy to care for and can reach up to 3 feet tall.

Leo- Amaryllis

A person that is from Leo possesses a higher royalty status amongst their peers. So, the plant that represents it must be able to match with them. The Amaryllis is a giant flower, and it certainly fits the bill as their flowers have a deep red colour and are very beautiful to look at.

Virgo- Banana Plant

Banana plants are slightly trickier to care for, like a Virgo, as they are very particular about every little detail. They usually are grown outside and are incredibly thirsty all the time. They can also grow up to 6 feet tall, while some varieties stay under 4 feet.

Libra- String of Pearls

Libra typically requires balance and harmony when at home, so the string of pearls would be the best representative for this zodiac. You can even mimic this zodiac’s symbolism by hanging two of the string pearls near each other. These plants usually stay small-sized but will eventually stretch up to 3 feet long.

Scorpio – Snake Plant

These plants can withstand harsh conditions and would still maintain a strong upright position. They’re similar to Scorpio because these individuals do not give up and can tolerate a wide range of harsh conditions. These plants can only grow up to 4 feet tall and are comfortable with low or bright light settings.

Sagittarius – Baseball Plant

This plant looks like a cactus but without the spines. They’re similar to Sagittarius as they can tolerate being left alone and are very adventurous. These cute plants are not only tough, but they are the perfect plant to put in indoor settings as their matured size would only reach up to 8inches tall.

Capricorn – Jade Plant

A jade plant is a slow grower but excels in the virtue of patience. Like a Capricorn, they have a lot of patience and are comfortable with slow but consistent growth. What’s more interesting is that the plant evolves into a beautiful tiny tree once it reaches its maturity stage.

Aquarius – ZZ Plant

This plant is like an Aquarius because they are super easy to care for, and their glossy leaves can brighten a person’s day up anytime. They grow up to 3 feet tall and can last several weeks without watering.

Pisces – Jasmine

Pisces is known to be sensitive, empathic, and compassionate to other people’s needs. Therefore, a Jasmine would be the best representative to a Pisces as the sweet smell would make any room in your house into a relaxing retreat.

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