Plants and Their Many Benefits


We’ve all been feeling the effects of Covid-19, not just the negative physical health effects but maybe the mental ones too. The MCO could have you stuck inside more and maybe you are missing the greenery of the park you used to visit or walk by on the way home from your errands or the one you sat in while your children played. Maybe it’s time to consider adding your plants to your home or your backyard. Did you know that adding a garden to your yard or an indoor plant or two has lots of health and environmental benefits?

Let’s start with the benefits of indoor plants! Indoor plants are easy to keep up if you have proper lighting and keep their water as they like it.

They Boost Your Work Performance

Boost your work performance with houseplants.

Having plants in your office or workspace has been shown to reduce negative moods, keep you focused, and increase creativity leading to improve performance at work. With many people working from home currently, maybe it would be just one of the benefits of having a plant in your home office space.

Plants Purify Your Homes Air

You may be surprised to know that your homes air quality could be worse than the outdoor air quality even if you live in a heavily polluted city. Plants, anywhere, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, therefore, cleaning the air in your home. Not only do they give off oxygen, but they also collect the dust from the air as an air purifier would. It’s a reason we’re so environmentally conscious and plant trees outside to keep our planet healthier.

They’re Safe and Inexpensive to Maintain

Indoor plants aren’t too expensive to maintain. Once you purchase and have the space and proper care for your plant, they usually don’t require any further money unless you re-pot them or need soil change. With all the benefits you will get from having an indoor plant, not only a few benefits above, but possible boosted immunity against sore throats, and dry coughs due to the rise in humidity, the joy of nourishing and growing a plant, it could outweigh the minimal cost for you.

Having a garden outside has its own set of benefits. Not only does it share some of the same ones that plants indoors do, but a host of others as well.

Gardens Promote Exercise and Education

Maybe you wouldn’t think of gardening or caring for plants as the typical exercise, but you may be surprised how much effort, or how little, you can put into your garden. It’s all up to you based on the size and types of plants you choose to have. Digging, watering, trimming, weeding, all will lead to a great workout and lesson about plants. It’s a great family experience and something you and your children or parents can do together, or you can have a quiet moment to reflect.

Reduce Noise and Add Beauty

Maybe you live off a busy street or have a house in a particularly noisy area of town, certain plants can come in handy to reduce the noise and lead to a quieter space, outside and in. Thick trees and shrubbery will have the noise reduced quickly. Add some of the plants from Hilda’s Garden to the front of them for colour variety and vibrance to give your fence and yard boundary definition and beautiful touches. You can add fruit trees and flowers to give you fresh fruit and lovely smells as well. That’s double the benefits in my book!

Habitats for Wildlife

Miri isn’t a concrete jungle by any means but having gardens and plants for wildlife such as birds, frogs, and insects, will always be beneficial. Trees, small plants, flowers, and even potted plants are all helpful in maintaining an ecosystem that can help our wildlife neighbours and therefore help us. Pollination for new plants means cleaner air, a healthier environment, and a host of other benefits.

We only touched on a few of the benefits of plants in this blog today. Our first blog of many for Hilda’s Garden. We can’t wait to welcome you to our garden family and help you along with your journey in purchasing, planting, and caring for your new plants, whether they be indoors or out.

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